Ways to earn bitcoin

I know you guys are looking for a way to earn bitcoin. Lots of bitcoin. But don’t want to invest in Bitcoin. You have come to the right place. You will need a bitcoin wallet to store your bitcoins.

Blockchain Wallet



So lets start earning. First visit coinbox and bitchest and then go through the faucets.



BitCrate is a site where you add your bitcoin address and choose a random box and win bitcoins. No buy or investment needed.

3.Pay to Click

There are many pay to click sites that pay in bitcoin. You need to click the ad, wait for 10 secs and solve the captcha. In return they will pay you bitcoins. CoinAd and BTCClicks are the two sites I currently know.

4.Doing tasks

You can earn bitcoins by doing simple tasks like watching videos, filling out surveys, sign up at different pages, validating authors, etc and the reward is greater compared to other ways. BitcoinGet and CoinTasker are great ways of earning bitcoins by doing tasks.

5.Shortening links

You can also earn money if you shorten links and then get traffic to the shortened link. CoinURL is a great service. It is something like between Adf.ly and adsense. You can earn quite a bit of amount if you can get great traffic to that link.


If you want you can donate me some bitcoins.

My bitcoin address 1PSkWDpgjGpnMkRJp6zMKsUaTpBVMv9CXt


The Oculus Rift ‘Crystal Cove’ prototype is 2014’s Best of CES winner


oculus-2-630-watermark Virtual reality has captured the imagination of developers, consumers and businesses for decades, but most VR headsets produced so far have been notable more for their limitations than their capabilities. With its latest prototype, code-named “Crystal Cove,” Oculus VR has taken a massive leap forward, eliminating the stomach-churning motion blur that has plagued previous generations of VR headsets, and adding sensors and a camera to track the position of both your head and body and provide more accurate simulated movement. With the latest Rift, Oculus has created a device that may usher in an era of truly immersive gaming and entertainment, and even create new opportunities for businesses to use virtual reality in everything from manufacturing to medical environments. Of all the exciting, innovative products we’ve seen at CES this year, the Oculus Rift “Crystal Cove” prototype is unquestionably the best of the best.

In its short history, Oculus has…

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Upcoming PS3 game releases


An all new bang of action games are coming to you this March

  • On the 11th of March we have Dark Souls II, an action RPG you cannot miss.
  • On the 18th of March we have Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes PS3 and if you’re all about action get this and fast.
  • If you’re a fan of Spider Man, then don’t forget to get his latest game releasing on the 29th of April, The Amazing Spider Man 2. 

For more info on upcoming game releases, check this site for more information http://www.ign.com/games/upcoming/ps3 

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Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Crime, and Identity: a radio roundup

raincoaster media

Sean Leslie by Kris Krug Sean Leslie by Kris Krug

Here is my latest appearance on CKNW with Sean Leslie, talking Bitcoin. It was a busy week, with the continuing MtGox fallout, the hacking and closure of Flexcoin, and Newsweek’s purported discovery of the “real” Satoshi Nakamoto (wait, that part actually got cut. But it was funny, trust me). Enjoy?

And in case Dropbox is still being a bitch with the file, here’s your download link.

And here are some of my earlier appearances on the Simi Sara show.

Simi Sara by Kris Krug Simi Sara by Kris Krug

February 3rd.

Download Link (ditto Dropbox Remarks Above)

and January 17th.

Download Link (Dropbox Remarks as per Above)

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Bitcoin and Mt Gox: What Happened and Where Does Bitcoin Go from Here?

The UFX.com Blog

A virtual cryptocurrency that relies on peer-to-peer computer algorithms, Bitcoin (BTC) has started somewhat of a financial revolution since Satoshi Nakamoto created the decentralized currency in 2009. Last year, Bitcoin Trading entered the mainstream with Bitcoin entrepreneurs seeing business opportunities, Bitcoin ATMs and a growing acceptance of the currency by forward-thinking retailers. Its value shot up from $12 per BTC unit in January to more than $1,200 per BTC in December; a 10,000% gain in less than 12 months that led to Forbes declaring ‘2013: Year Of The Bitcoin’.

Magic: The Departure – Mt Gox Exits the Marketplace

Based in Japan, Mt Gox became a Bitcoin exchange in 2010, having originally been a trading card exchange called Magic: The Gathering Online Exchange (Mt Gox for short). At times in 2013, the company’s Bitcoin market share stood at 70-80% of all BTC trades, yet in February 2014, it came clean about…

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