Real money versus Digital money, what’s next?

Philip's Discussion


It seems to be the newest trend. Money is changing from paper and coin, debit and credit card to the new digital way of paying. Most already know these new ways of paying, BitCoin was but the latest version in this trend. But how will this alter our view of paying for products or services with money you can hold to only using money you can see.

I recently got the “newest” way of paying for (e.g.) a beer at my local Field Hockey club. They decided to stop using cash money and switch to the new service of Cashless. In this instance, you either link your bank account to a sticker which has a chip imbedded in it, or you store money on the “app” that comes with the chip. Paying is easy and fast, you hold the sticker in front of a scanner and within three seconds, you…

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