Ways to earn bitcoin

I know you guys are looking for a way to earn bitcoin. Lots of bitcoin. But don’t want to invest in Bitcoin. You have come to the right place. You will need a bitcoin wallet to store your bitcoins.

Blockchain Wallet



So lets start earning. First visit coinbox and bitchest and then go through the faucets.



BitCrate is a site where you add your bitcoin address and choose a random box and win bitcoins. No buy or investment needed.

3.Pay to Click

There are many pay to click sites that pay in bitcoin. You need to click the ad, wait for 10 secs and solve the captcha. In return they will pay you bitcoins. CoinAd and BTCClicks are the two sites I currently know.

4.Doing tasks

You can earn bitcoins by doing simple tasks like watching videos, filling out surveys, sign up at different pages, validating authors, etc and the reward is greater compared to other ways. BitcoinGet and CoinTasker are great ways of earning bitcoins by doing tasks.

5.Shortening links

You can also earn money if you shorten links and then get traffic to the shortened link. CoinURL is a great service. It is something like between Adf.ly and adsense. You can earn quite a bit of amount if you can get great traffic to that link.


If you want you can donate me some bitcoins.

My bitcoin address 1PSkWDpgjGpnMkRJp6zMKsUaTpBVMv9CXt


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